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Leather Brothers is an Authorized Dealer of ACME Whistles

Acme Thunderer Whistles
Made in England since 1884, Acme's Thunderer Whistles are designed to offer total 
reliability, control and power. The durable plastic pea whistle is the world's best-selling 
whistle. A favorite for bird hunting and field trials, there is no major league or sport that 
has not been graced by this whistle.

#558  Large    

#559  Medium    
#560  Small

Available in Camo too! #670

More Whistles in Our ACME Line
#642 Double-Ended Whistle #A2120 Black Pealess #AT2000-OR

Item #574
Shepherd's Whistles #575
Plastic in six colors: Green, Blue Orange, Red, White, & Black #576

Predator Item #507 (Wood)

Predator Item #505

Duck Call Item #572
Dove & Pigeon Call Item #500

Crow Call Item #259





Acme Brass N.P. Thunderer Whistle
Made in England since 1884. ACME's Thunderer Whistles offer total reliability, control and power. The latest high tech research & developement has created the advanced modern Thunderer. Made of nickel plated brass, the Thunderer is used by the N.F.L. Olympics and other world class leagues.

60.5 SM
#59.5 MD
#58.5 LG

Acme Buffalo Whistle
This is the perfect whistle for training spaniels or any flushing breed. Each dog whistle is handmade and crafted from natural buffalo horn which will last a lifetime. Each whistle is unique in both pitch and appearance.

The ACME Buffalo Horn was the prototype for the A2120. This pealess whistle is the choice of many profesional Springer trainers who won't settle for less.

Features: Traditional spaniel or flushing dog whistle. Natural buffalo horn material. Each whistle is unique in appearance and pitch.

#813 Buffalo Whistle


Acme Staghorn Whistle
Imported from England, this whistle is made from real antler. Each pealess dog whistle is distinctive, as color and tone vary with the natural material.

The ACME Staghorn whistle varies in tone from mid to high. Perfect for flushing dogs such as spaniels.

811  Staghorn Whistle

Acme Silent Dog Whistle
Acme's Silent Dog Whistle, made in England since 1935, is the perfect dog training whistle 
for town or country, close or distance work. It offers an adjustable frequency range, from 5400 
Hz to 12,800 Hz, that can be tuned to your dog's hearing, making it the most effective way for 
trainers to communicate with their dogs. Made of lightweight, durable stainless steel, the 
whistle's sound is barely audible by humans but can be heard by dogs over great distances. 
The excellent design of this whistle includes a handy cap attached by a lightweight chain.

#535  Silent Whistle

European Silent Dog Whistle
The European Silent Whistle's tone is virtually inaudible by humans but can be heard by dogs 
near and far. The whistle offers a convenient adjustable tone and lightweight single-body 

#7471  Silent Whistle

Braided Lanyard
This durable round-braided lanyard offers swivel clasp for whistles as well as a handy cord-stop that 
quickly and easily adjusts the lanyard any way that's needed. Available in black only. Whistles sold 

#7481  Single Braided Lanyard



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