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 Plain 2-Ply Latigo

 Spike/Stud 2-Ply Latigo
 Studded 2-Ply Latigo
 One-Ply Latigo

Latigo Roading

 Latigo H-Style

 Kwik Klip Nylon

 Nylon Roading

 Nylon H-Style

 Kwik Step Nylon

Car Safety Harness
VelPro Mesh


Car Safety Harness
Provide your pet with the same safety and security as you! Harness fastens securely with standard seat belt.  Straps are fully adjustable for a proper fit.  Made of strong nylon with padded chest strap for comfort. Kwik Klip buckle allows for easy fitting and removal.  Harness can be adjusted while on the dog.  Each harness comes attractively packaged with sizing information chart. Black only.

Item # Fits (General Guide)  
#N909-XS Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle.  Less than 8 lbs.     
#N909-S Miniature Poodle, Westie, Fox Terrier.  9-25 lbs.    
#N909-M Beagle, Cocker Spaniel.  25-50 lbs.    
#N909-L German Shepard, Boxer, Lab.  50-80 lbs.    
#N909-XL Great Dane, Saint Bernard.  Over 80 lbs.     

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